Data Driven Marketingas a Daily Philosophy

The Data Informs Everything You Do

Here's a common scenario we see with our clients. We've been asked to put together a variety of designs for an upcoming campaign. Some of the designs are conservative in nature, some a bit more cutting edge, and some really push the envelope in terms of taking the brand in a new direction.

When it comes time to present the designs to the client, the opinions on what works and what doesn't are mixed. Someone says they love the cutting edge design. Another is confidant it doesn't work. Two more like the conservative design, and another likes all of them. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. But everyone agrees that there isn't a clear next step.

So what's a creative team to do when the client just can't quite seem to come to a consensus on a direction? Ultimately, what matters most is not whether you or your colleagues "like" something, but rather, how your audience will respond to it. The data may surprise you.

In a scenario like this, we almost always recommend some form of A/B testing. If we are creating a landing page, for example, we can use software programs like Unbounce to present multiple landing pages at random to your target audience and measure performance to determine an ultimate direction.

This scenario is the foundation of what's typically called data driven marketing - and it's something that should fuel the every day activities of marketers. Opinions are important, but when it comes down to driving towards and measuring success, data matters more than anything else.

Jonathan Kantor Founder & Chief Digital Strategist

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